The Only Way Forward

The Way Forward


‘Sometimes the only way forward is to keep trying the way that isn’t.’

Today’s quote embodies what I call a hard truth. As much as we prefer life to proceed forward in a predictable and straight line, that is not always how things unfold.   I absolutely believe that sometimes the only way to get off the wrong path is to keep traveling down it until finally a side road appears and allows us to veer off into new place. This may not be the most direct way forward…. but sometimes it is the only way.

When we find ourselves in this circumstance it is important to remember  that continuing forward on the wrong path does not always indicate failure- sometimes it is just part of a larger strategy. When life leaves you no choice but to remain temporarily on the wrong path, be gentle with yourself. Move in the direction that you can, and keep your eye out for that side road that is certain to appear up ahead.

Sometimes the only way forward, is to keep trying the way that isn’t.